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Dangerous Driving 2 will be an open-world Burnout Paradise inspired racer

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When I played Dangerous Driving there were a lot of emotions channeling through me. The Burnout inspirations were obvious but it was too raw and lacked meaningful substance. Still, this hasn’t stopped developer Three Fields Entertainment from staying ambitious. A sequel, Dangerous Driving 2, is set to release later this year.

Fans won’t have to wait too long to get a good look either. At PAX next week Dangerous Driving 2 will be shown off. All we know so far is that it will be an open-world arcade game inspired by Burnout Paradise. This is a risky design choice given the original’s lack of content.

Dangerous Driving 2 wishlist

Perhaps the biggest issue with Dangerous Driving was its lack of a soundtrack. Burnout was always famous for its iconic music with the likes of Burnout 3’s Lazy Generation and Paradise’s very own theme, Paradise City. In contrast, Dangerous Driving had one song and I doubt any of you can name it without looking.

An obvious concern with the first game was its general lack of content. Burnout Paradise featured well over 80 unique cars whilst Dangerous Driving had seven. Technically, you could unlock up to 27 vehicles but many of these are borderline duplicates.

I can only pray that Dangerous Driving 2 sees the riddance of rubberbanding too. It’s a terrible practice that arcade racing games make a habit of including. No one wants to lose a race because an A.I traveled at an unrealistically fast speed to catch up with you.

For now, all we can do its wait for more information. Once PAX East kicks off February 27 I’m sure some more detailed information will be released. I’d even expect a trailer of sorts to build up some initial hype. But will Dangerous Driving 2 be the true Burnout successor we’ve longed for? I certainly hope so.