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Christmas Eve Modern Warfare Patch Brings 2x XP and Tier Progression

Modern Warfare

For those who play Modern Warfare, it was just yesterday that the last batch of double XP ran out. Despite that, Infinity Ward is dropping a Christmas update today bringing it back. From December 24th, 6 pm GMT until December 27th, 6 pm GMT, players will earn both double XP and double battle pass tier progression.

Outside of that, a new Christmas themed game mode, as well as a Call of Duty classic, are being introduced. Snowfight is a variant of Gunfight set on the Christmas themed Winter Docks map. Meanwhile, Modern Warfare 3’s Drop Zone game mode is back for the first time in over ten years.

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is a 6v6 standard Call of Duty game mode. The core premise is that teams need to hold down a designated area, similar to Hardpoint. Unlike Hardpoint, players get rewarded more than just points for keeping the Drop Zone. Throughout the game, care packages are distributed on the Drop Zone. By holding and being on top of it, you can earn various killstreaks.

Image courtesy of YouTuber lamora supcharls

It’s a surprise return given it wasn’t exactly a fan favorite but it’s not a bad idea by Infinity Ward. By its very nature, Drop Zone is a very fast-paced game mode. Anything that brings back a bit of speed to Modern Warfare’s flow is very welcome. Also, this might see the Javelin get more action in 6v6.

Shipment 24/7

Whilst by no means confirmed rumors do suggest that Shipment 24/7 is coming to Modern Warfare. Specifically, a Shipment and Shoothouse 24/7 game mode. I suggested an idea recently called CQB 24/7 with a very similar concept. Combined with the double XP, I’m sure this will go down very well.

The other hint is that Call of Duty news site CharlieIntel managed to identify some Modern Warfare files referencing “Shoot House & Shipment 24/7.” You can’t get much of a bigger hint than that.