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Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s First Season Is Looking Real Spicy

Call of Duty

When Activision announced they were adopting a season based content release model, I didn’t expect much. Other games that use this generally charge for underwhelming levels of content. So when Infinity Ward dropped their official announcement for Call of Duty Modern Warfare first season, I was stunned. It’s really, really impressive.

Call of Duty’s New Business Model: It’s Surprisingly Generous

For starters, everything included is free. No hidden charges, loot boxes or CoD Points required. When Season 1 drops December 3rd, everyone will have access to all the new content. But what is this content?

As per Call of Duty tradition, they are bringing back a handful of classic Modern Warfare maps. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Crash, Vacant, and Shipment all make a return. On top of that, a brand new Ground War map called Port offers another alternative to 32 as side combat. Infinity Ward has also made an effort to improve Gunfight by adding two new maps to the rotation, Cargo and Atrium. Shipment will be available in both Gunfight and regular modes.

Call of Duty

It isn’t just maps they’re adding to Call of Duty Modern Warfare either. The classic game mode Infection makes its return. Equally, a whole new game mode called Reinforce will debut in Season 1. Early descriptions suggest it is some kind of a mix between Domination and S&D.

Outside of the four new Spec Ops maps, which you probably don’t care about, there’s one last announcement. Like many recent Call of Duty titles, new guns will be released throughout Modern Warfare’s lifespan. Season 1 will see both the RAM-7 and HOLGER-26 added. The RAM-7 seems to be a TAR-21 whilst the HOLGER-26 is clearly an MG36. Even though in real life both of these are rifles, I’m imagining they’ll put the MG36 in an LMG slot for game balance purposes.