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Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass Is Great Value

Call of Duty

I was ready for some serious betrayal when Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass was first announced. Free maps, free guns, and free game modes? It all sounded far too good to be true. After all, let’s not forget what Activision has done to Call of Duty in recent years.

Modern Warfare Remastered was one of the most shameful and greedy business attempts I have ever seen. Both Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4 used overly aggressive, pay-to-win loot boxes. Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare had their gun variants mostly locked behind predatory RNG loot boxes. Activision has been on a streak of scamming so I expected much the same with Modern Warfare 2019.

Yet here we are. The Season 1 Battle Pass dropped two days ago for a fair fee of 1000 CoD Points. In real money, that’s around $10 or £8.50. Regardless of content, this is already a better start than usual. In the past, I have no doubt we’d be looking at a figure closer to $20. For comparison, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered’s resold Variety Map Pack is $15 or £11.59.

It’s a Legitimate Value Package

So what do you get for that $10? The Battle Pass is made up of 99 tiers of content. This content varies from gun variants, gun cosmetics, operators, XP tokens and, most importantly, CoD points. Yes, that’s right. By working through the Battle Pass you can earn CoD points back on your investment. In fact, you can even profit.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass, there is a total of 1300 CoD points up for grabs. To get all 1300 you’ll need to reach the rather steep 98th tier. However, to just earn enough CoD points to buy the next Battle Pass only requires tier 74. By the very reasonable tier 32, you’ll have cut the price of your next Battle Pass in half.

You can see the exact breakdown of how these Call of Duty Points are distributed below:

  • TIER 6 – 100 CoD Points
  • TIER 12 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 17 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 23 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 32 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 41 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 48 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 56 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 66 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 74 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 82 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 91 – 100 CoD Points
  • Tier 98 – 100 CoD Points

What About The Free Players?

Whilst I’ll happily recommend the Battle Pass, it’s not going to be for everyone. By design, it requires a substantial amount of playtime. Also, it’s still $10 on top of what you’ve already paid. Splashing $60 a year on a Call of Duty game and then being expected to pay more later isn’t ideal. So what’s it like for you guys who don’t pay to cough up?

Pretty damn good, actually. Most notably, you still get access to both new weapons. Putting their weird unlicensed in-game names aside, it’s the MG36 and the TAR-21 up for grabs. These are unlocked at tiers 15 and 31 respectively. Outside of that, you get access to eighteen other tiers.

There are a couple gun variants in there like the Uzi – Blowback, and the Kar98k – Blowback. You can also earn up to 300 CoD Points at tiers 6, 48, and 98. Cutting $3 off the price of a future Battle Pass isn’t too bad given it hasn’t cost you anything in the first place.

It’s Seriously Sweet

Call of Duty
Nothing says AAA like an option to spend $144 to instantly complete the Battle Pass.

All in all, Call of Duty has never had a better business model. Well not since the OG games where you got everything in one package at least. Let’s be frank, that models sadly long-dead. We live in an era of games as a service so we better find the best mid-ground for consumers. This mostly cosmetic only, other than the XP tokens which aren’t too big a deal, is a good start.

Not having guns or maps locked behind a paywall makes complaining about this content drop rather difficult. Activision has done a legitimately stellar job at accommodating to all kinds of players. It’s a bit dodgy that you can spend over $100 to instantly complete the Battle Pass, but I’ll let it slip. It feels like a way to make some quick money off of YouTubers thirsty for new content. Most regular players shouldn’t be tempted.

For me, knowing that I’ll be able to work through and unlock tonnes of new content is cool. I don’t mind paying a reasonable fee every season as long as other people aren’t getting screwed. Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass is not pay to win. It’s surprisingly fair and rewarding for even free players. It’s not often I say this but well done Activision. You’ve done a great job, for once.