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Breath of The Wild Sequel Trailer Thoughts

I am someone who definitely prefers the older more classic Zelda games compared to the newest installment: Breath of The Wild. All things considered I feel that BOTW is a wonderful video game, but unpopular of an opinion as it may be, far from the best Zelda game. I say this confidently, having put nearly 70 hours into the game, and completing 13 other Zelda titles. I felt that the dungeons (Divine Beasts) were far too simple and less creative than Zelda dungeons of the past. While the plot and story were fantastic, I was still left wanting due to the lack of linear storyline, interesting dungeons, and a breakable Master Sword. (I know it recharges, but come on it’s the Master Sword) Now please don’t misunderstand my criticisms. BOTW is a good Zelda game, and I appreciate everything it has done for the franchise. 

Now all of this negativity for the first game aside, I have to say that the trailer has me very excited for this new game’s potential. While I wasn’t originally looking forward to the impending sequel, this trailer totally changed that for me. The brief 1:20 teaser trailer presents a much different atmosphere than the first game. It looks as though this sequel will be different from any other Zelda game before it. The dark and eerie tone was most welcome. Zelda’s short hair was also a nice touch, and while I believe the speculations of her being a playable character are a tad far fetched. I hope it happens.

It’s worth noting that Zelda receives a large amount of screen time in the short trailer.

Lots of evidence suggests that the creepy corpse in the trailer is the body of Ganondorf. Although I think that the design looks great whether it is or isn’t him. Not to mention the unsettling music that plays in the background, or the fact that Link’s arm appears to be possessed by some unknown power. With the ground around Hyrule Castle quaking, we are left in awe of what could possibly be threatening our beloved characters this time. Overall the brief things that were shown look epic. 

This is the full BOTW 2 trailer released at E3.

While Aonuma has confirmed that this game will have absolutely no connection to Majora’s Mask, I do appreciate the similarities in their creations. It has recently come out that this game was inspired by too many DLC ideas. This is similar to the way that Majora’s Mask came about. With the time limit of a year to make a Zelda game that would follow Ocarina of Time. The creators took the same engine, characters, and Link to make probably the most unique Zelda game of all time. With this in mind, I am excited to see what is created from the BOTW sequel, the brief tease of a trailer is truly awesome, and I believe that we might see something unique come as a result. My personal hope is that we get a beautiful mix of the BOTW and classic Zelda formulas, with a storyline unique as Majoras. 

Ganondorf? Or something new?

What are your thoughts on the BOTW sequel trailer? Do you think that Zelda is going to be the main character, or at least playable? What do you suppose the main premise of this game will be? I’d love to hear your thoughts and theories on the subject, so comment below!

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