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Blizzcon 2019: What to Expect


Blizzcon 2019 is now only a few days away. We already know Blizzard is going to drop some juicy news thanks to various leaks throughout the week. In fact, these leaks suggest this might very well be the biggest Blizzcon we’ve ever seen. Without any further ado, here’s everything you can expect at Blizzcon 2019.

Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2 is the most deliberately leaked game to have ever existed. Make no mistake, all these leaks were not accidental. Do you really think a Blizzard official would accidentally email out details on an upcoming game? If that’s not obvious enough, they literally uploaded an image to their own store. At least pretend to make it look like a mistake, Blizzard.

Either way, it’s super hype that an Overwatch sequel is all but confirmed at this point. So far we know that it’s going to focus far more on PvE than its predecessor. Also, heroes will have skill-tree level unlocks similar to that of MOBAs. The leaked images we’ve seen so far suggest serious redesigns for most heroes. Finally, Echo who was originally revealed at last year’s Blizzcon seems to play a major role in Overwatch 2.

Diablo 4


Confirmed even earlier than Overwatch 2, Diablo 4 is also soft-confirmed for Blizzcon 2019. Just last year, Blizzard confirmed they had “multiple Diablo projects in the works.” It’s difficult to imagine at least one of those isn’t a core title. Similarly, a recent Blizzard advert in German magazine Game Star claimed that the new Diablo artbook features Diablo 4 art. Obviously, it’d be difficult to get Diablo 4 art if Diablo 4 didn’t exist.

Honestly, I think Blizzard needs to announce both Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Last year’s Blizzcon was a disaster after Diablo Immortal’s reveal. Dare I remind you of Wyatt “dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS” Cheng. Strangely enough, in Activision’s fiscal report they claimed Blizzard had no major games in the works. Either a huge jebait or Activision legitimately doesn’t know what their studios are making. I’d believe either.

Expansions Galore


There haven’t been too many details on Blizzard’s other products. However, I’d be willing to bet that both a Hearthstone and World of Warcraft expansion will be announced. We don’t know too much about either of these.

Various hints in the current expansion suggest the next WoW expansion could take place in the Shadowlands. This is supported by yet another image leak reading “Enter the Shadowlands.” I’ll admit though that these sources are fairly weak. What Blizzard decides to do with their other products is complete guesswork at this point.

Hong Kong Protests


There will surely be one feature of Blizzcon that Blizzard didn’t plan for. They did not handle the Blitzchung situation very well. For some reason, Blizzard officials decided to ban and fine the Hearthstone pro player for supporting freedom of speech. It’s impressive how stupid that sounds when you say it out loud. To make matters worse, they even fired both casters for conducting the interview.

Presumably, Blizzard sold out to Chinese investors. It’s sad to think but they’re definitely the kind of company to prioritize money over anything else. Let’s not forget they’re still owned by Activision. You know, the company that resold ten-year-old DLC in an incomplete remaster for more than it originally cost? Yeah, that Activision.

Blizzard won’t be able to prevent the Hong Kong protests taking place at Blizzcon. Frankly, it’s better they don’t even try to. If they show more retaliation against freedom fighters it will only backfire even further. It’s going to suck for them but they need to swallow their pride and let the protests happen.