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Bleeding Edge Received a Brand New Gameplay Footage

Bleeding Edge

During Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2019 the next project for Ninja Theory has been officially announced with a cinematic trailer and after that, people at the expo got access to a demo version of Bleeding Edge prior to any other player in the world which you can check out some footage of it during latest Inside Xbox show.

In a brief interview with creative director at Ninja Theory, Rahni Tucker spoke about how the development team has reached the idea of Bleeding Edge and how it’s related to Ninja Theory’s previous titles, despite having a quite different look. In the first place, Bleeding Edge is based on close quarters and melee combats which are the type of gameplay that the development team has a long history of working on. However, the big differences between the new project and other works of the studio begin to show-up with Bleeding Edge being a totally multiplayer experience featuring no story modes.

The game uses different characters or heroes that each one has got its own powers, abilities and set of weapons to fight against the opponents. While all characters have been designed to battle in close range, some of them have the ability to shoot bullets and damage the enemies with quite a bit of distance. While the announcement trailer indicates that online matches in Bleeding Edge will happen in 4v4 format, it’s yet to be known that whether there will be different types of modes like individual Deathmatch or not. Also, the number of heroes at launch hasn’t revealed yet, though we’ve spotted at least 9 characters in the trailer so far.

Bleeding Edge is the first project for Ninja Theory after its acquisition by Microsoft last year. It’s being said that along with this game, another single-player title is also in the works at the studio which will be announced later and hit Xbox Scarlett.

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge will be launching on Xbox One and PC in an unspecified date. By the way, the technical alpha for the game starts on June 27.

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