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Black Future ’88 Review


Released In: 2018

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam

Black Future ’88 is a 2D Roguelike shooter, and I am going to walk you through what makes it different from the many other similar games out today, and if its worth picking up.

Todays market is inflated with a ton of 2D Roguelike, or “retro looking” video games. You can hop onto Steam, or the Nintendo Switch EShop and find a plethora of them. Some are instant classics like Crypt of the Necrodancer, and many have fallen to the wayside. So you might ask yourself, where does Black Future ’88 (BF88) fall on this spectrum?


In BF88, the year is always 1988 because the world was sent into darkness by a maniac who destroyed it with nuclear missiles. You are a survivor of this disaster, and set out on a mission to scale the dungeon-like tower to exact revenge on this maniac.

The story is simple, like most of the games in this genre. While it is nothing special, it does set up the ambiance of the game well.


You can say a lot of things about BF88, but the thing I want to note first, is how smooth the controls are. The controls are simple, you only have two guns at any time, the double jump is floaty in a good way, and the special dash is easy to use.

All of this said the best control is easily the way you shoot; you use the right analogue stick to fire, and the direction you flick is where your character shoots. This control scheme is a tad outdated, but makes combat way easier than other Roguelike shooters.

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Unfortunately this is where a majority of my praise for BF88 ends. The enemies are pretty much all robots, excluding SOME of the bosses. This itself isn’t bad, but their designs are pretty boring. Not to mention that this game is ridiculously hard, of course this is expected from this genre of dungeon-crawler.

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Earlier I mentioned that the controls were smooth, and at the start of this game that helps you cruise your way through it. This said, something I noticed was the damage distribution seemed a little off. I would go through sections of the game almost untouched and still reach the boss with half life.

It can also be difficult determining what parts of the tower are traps, as I would end up taking unnecessary damage that should be avoidable. This mixed with the lack of healing items make an already difficult game way harder.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day BF88, in my opinion is an average game. Now if you are a huge fan of the Roguelike, back breaking gameplay you should enjoy the experience.

However I don’t think that there are too many notable gameplay differences from other games of the genre to justify saying that it stands out. While I’m normally a sucker for a good storyline, it really doesn’t have too much impact once you start playing the game.

I think that if you are interested in the Roguelike dungeon-crawler genre, then this game can become one of your favorites. For me though, I think that its difficulty and unoriginality make it not worth the grind to beat.

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