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Azur Lane: Crosswave to Arrive on Western Shores Next Month

Azur Lane

Idea Factory’s Azur Lane: Crosswave has been announced for a western release of February 13. Azur Lane is based on the Chinese shoot ’em up where World War II warships become cute uwu anime girls. Because why not? Crosswave, the series’ latest instalment, first launched in Japan last August. Confirmed prices list Crosswave at $50 for the Standard edition and $100 for the Limited Edition.

European PlayStation users will, unfortunately, have to wait another week, with that particular release getting pushed back to February 21. However, regardless of location, all PC players will get access on February 13 along with North American PS4 players. Also, for the first month after Azur Lane’s release, Neptunia protagonist Neptune will be available as free DLC.

Sadly, the announcement also confirms we won’t be seeing either a Switch or Xbox port anytime soon. Whilst Xbox was always a stretch, it’s surprising to see no Switch port given Idea Factory’s recent support of the platform. Their last Neptunia game, Super Neptunia RPG, released on Switch last June.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane’s Rapid Growth

Despite only debuting in 2017, Azur Lane has rapidly grown into a well-recognized albeit niche franchise. It’s by no means mainstream yet but it’s still impressive how most anime and JRPGs fans are familiar with the series. Also, after just two years of being made, it got a fully-featured 12 episode anime series. It’s actually still airing right now so be sure to check it out if it sounds like your type of thing.

So how successful actually is Azur Lane? Well, SensorTower reported back in 2018 that it had grossed $170 million in Asia alone. In the same year, it placed 46th overall for annual app earnings. More recent data is difficult to go by but judging by their eagerness to expand into large-scale video games, similar levels of growth since are reasonable to assume.