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All the announcements at Warframe’s Tennocon 2019

On 6 July, Warframe’s developer, Digital Extremes, hosted their annual Tennocon. It’s a convention that celebrates all things Warframe – the game, the partners, the community and, most excitingly, the future of the game.

And it really is a celebration. These things often have their ups and downs, but the crowd at Tennocon cheered pretty much everything. All the people involved in the development of the game spoke with so much love and passion, it was clear that they really care about Warframe.

It’s safe to say that Digital Extremes and the Warframe community respect one another and treat each other accordingly. Viewers at home were even rewarded just for watching – they received a Lotus Ephemera and, for the really dedicated watchers, a Nekros Prime.

But on to the big announcements – the real prime stuff. Some of it is out of this world. The first thing to note is that Warframe now has a new cinematic intro. It’s both awesome and gives the player a little more context when they start out. Players really need to play the game for a while before the story starts gripping them. The new cinematic intro hopefully helps players engage with the narrative earlier on – rather than just the space ninja parkour.

The next exciting bit of news is that there’s a new prime Warframe to be collected and built – Wukong Prime. Wukong, based on the legend of the trickster Monkey King, recently received a complete rework to make him more impactful and powerful and, following on from that, his prime frame will make him even more of a threat.

The last of the announcements that are already live in the game was that of Nightwave: Series 2, titled: The Emissary. For those who don’t know, this is Warframe’s version of a battle pass. It gives you daily and weekly challenges to complete for faction points with the Nightwave – a pirate radio station hosted by Nora Night. In return you unlock various items and cosmetics, and you receive a Nightwave currency you can spend on items from the faction. It’s also completely free, because Digital Extremes loves their community.

Nightwave: Series 2 isn’t without context, there’s also a story that unfolds as the weeks go by, narrated by Nora Night. All we know so far is that this story is about a mysterious android boy who survived a tragedy.

Probably the biggest thing coming to Warframe in the future, there’s no release date yet, is the next expansion: Empyrean. It will see players battling in space with their new ships, called Railjacks, while other players complete objectives on the ground to help win the space fight. Someone at Digital Extremes is clearly a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi fan.

The Duviri Paradox is the next open world are coming to Warframe. It’s still in development so there’s no release date for this either. What we do know is that it will introduce a new enemy faction, there are mechanical horses (we better be able to ride those!), there are some terrifyingly large monsters flying around and there’s an older looking Tenno. Those who have delved deeper into the game’s story will be very intrigued by this last detail.

Warframe’s main narrative will continue around Christmas time with its next chapter: The New War. We already knew this was coming, but now there’s a release date and a new cinematic trailer.

The final bit of news worth knowing from Tennocon 2019 is that there are two new Warframes in development, Grendel and Gauss. Not much is known about the two frames, but their namesakes may give us some hints about their abilities. Grendel’s namesake is a furious human-monster hybrid from Beowulf. Gauss, on the other hand, is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, a mathematician and physicist. So, Gauss might be the smartest Warframe? Also, he can run on water.

Remember we said the announcements were out of this world? One really is. Warframe wants one person to become the first real space ninja, by winning $250,000 towards a trip to space. Every day you play Warframe between 6 July and 31 December gets you another entry into the competition.

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