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A Billboard is Proof That No Man’s Sky Is the Greatest Video Game Underdog Story Ever

Disappointing your fans may be a huge problem, but Hello Games managed to turn the tide with No Man's Sky, with amazing results.

It’s no secret that No Man’s Sky was off to a rough start, to say the least. Hello Games’ procedurally generated sci-fi game launched in 2016 to a dismal reception, failing to realize most of the promises made during development. It was a disappointment of epic proportions and a far cry from the stunning footage used to promote the game and the promised features. Peter Molyneux would be proud.

The lack of multiplayer was one of the greatest causes for the player outrage. No Man’s Sky was tedious as a single-player game and there was no multiplayer in sight to soften the blow. But there were several other features lacking that turned this hyped release into one of the alleged cons of the decade. Things were so bad that Hello Games received death and bomb threats, with the subsequent months of deafening silence leading to rumors that the studio took the money and ran.

End of story? Quite the contrary, it seems. These last few years saw the release of a few No Man’s Sky updates that significantly improved the game, taking the game closer to the original vision, to a point where even the community was amazed by the studio’s efforts. In a remarkable move, fans decided to crowdfund a billboard to show their appreciation for all the hard work.

The campaign is currently sitting at over $3,000 of a $1,750 goal and the billboard will be installed within walking distance of the Hello Games office, for two weeks starting August 12, 2019. Funds will be also used to buy a case of beer and lunch for the team.

This campaign is so heartwarming that all the excess funds will be used to buy games and donate them to disadvantaged and sick kids from a local special needs school. If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes, I don’t know what will.

Our utmost respect goes to Hello Games for their perseverance and never giving up on their fans, but also to Cam G, who started the campaign and is bringing joy to many people with such nice gestures.

No Man’s Sky is getting the next free update on summer 2019, adding full VR support to the game. Hello Games is also working on its new game, The Last Campfire.

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