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ProJared Back On His Feet?

Cancel culture is a prevalent thing in today’s society. One of the most recent victims of this would be YouTube gamer/streamer ProJared. (Jared Knabenbauer)

Four months ago, ProJared was a popular content creator who was a part of the Normal Boots team,

“… a collective of influential internet creators with a thriving community of people who love gaming and entertainment.”

(Normal Boots website)

This team includes popular gamer content creators such as Jirard Khalil (The Completionist), Austin Hargrave (Peanut Butter Gamer), and several others. Although Normal Boots would soon release a public service announcement, severing their ties with ProJared. Things only went down hill from there…

The Tea

ProJared had the entire internet implode on him, and unless you live under a rock you probably heard something about it. I mean come on a gamer with only 1M YouTube subscribers was the number one trending topic on Twitter for a couple of days.

To give you a brief rundown of what happened exactly for those who were not invested in the tea:

  • ProJared’s then wife, Heidi O’Ferrall, a prominent cosplay artist, accused him of cheating. (W/ Holly Conrad, successful content creator and ex-wife to GameGrumps own Ross O’Donovan)
  • O’Ferrall also accused Jared of soliciting nudes from his fans.
  • His adult only “body positive” snapchat was openly discussed and criticized. (Even though this platform had never actually been a secret)
  • The real problems arouse when two minors came forth claiming that ProJared had solicited explicit images of them.

Instantaneously after all of the above was released, ProJared’s world seemed to come crashing down on him. I have to admit that as a long time fan, I was pretty angry myself. Although far too few of us actually stopped the witch hunt to ask, “Where is the proof?”

Now I am referring to proof of the serious allegations brought against him for soliciting nudes from minors. There is proof shared by O’Ferrall that Jared and Conrad did seemingly have an affair.

It is worth noting that their marriage was a polyamorous relationship though, so like… (giant confusing shrug) I don’t know. Also while cheating on your wife (if he really did technically cheat) is obviously wrong, I don’t think it is my place to judge a persons own social mistakes. He is a video game content creator, not a priest.

We Were Lied To?

To everyone’s surprise, there was a long four month gap between all of this going down, and Jared’s statement. (Which I will post below).

ProJared’s “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO” video is already his fourth most viewed video of all time at 3.1M views.

Jared claimed that his four month silence was so that he could gather a solid defense to release to the public by consulting with attorneys.

“Serious allegations need to be taken seriously. I spent this time talking to as many experts as I could, lawyers, law experts…” Jared also said, “I wasn’t going to do anything until I knew that it was going to be safe to talk about.”

I will let you watch the video and determine his story for yourself, but I will go ahead and give a quick rundown of the facts:

  • ProJared Acknowledges that he was exchanging nudes with fans: ‘It Was For Consenting Adults Only’
  • Provides proof that one of the two minors who came forward has openly stated/has records of being mentally unstable.
  • Provides timeline proof published by the minor themselves that the day they claimed Jared messaged them was the same day they were checked into the hospital for head trauma issues.

While this may not change your perspective on ProJared, there is enough proof provided by him that he is innocent. In my opinion, if he were truly guilty, legal action would have been taken against him by now.

Beating Cancel Culture?

After his statement, it appears that ProJared is attempting to crawl out of the deep hole we plunged him into. His subscribers are slowly but surely starting to return, and he has resumed streaming on Twitch. As well as putting out a new video explaining what his future has in store.

Discusses his new Twitch streaming schedule, as well as main profile plans.

I refuse to tell my readers how or what to think so feel free to comment your own opinions on ProJareds predicament. What I will say though, is that it is scary what mere accusations (without proof) can do to a person. As this is not uncommon in today’s society. Take Antonio Brown for example, Nike has recently terminated their partnership with him because he has been accused of sexual assault.

While accusations and charges of this nature are serious and should be approached as such. Maybe we should prove someone is a witch before burning them at the stake.

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Charles Cleveland is a passionate freelance writer, and author. A retro game enthusiast who is unafraid to argue that the GameCube was the best system ever made. Playing video games for 17 of his 21 years of life, along with collecting just about every game system ever made. Charles aspires to write non biased content on both old and new video games.