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‘Abominable’ Is A Must See Dreamworks Film

Dreamworks really knocked it out of the park with their latest movie Abominable. This incredible and visually stunning movie centers around Yi, a teenage girl who’s father recently passed away. While living with her mother and grandmother Nai Nai, she spends most of her time doing multiple odd end jobs to save up for a trip across China. This trip is the same one her father wanted to take with her before he passed.

One fateful night, Yi comes across a magical Yeti on her rooftop that has broken out of a science lab. After trying to shield him from being found, she decides to take him back to his home. Yi, along with her cousin Peng and Jin, learns a valuable lesson about family on this journey.

Chloe Bennet (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors) is the voice of Yi while Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Liv and Maddie, Bits and Pieces) is the voice of Yi’s self-obsessed cousin Jin. Ablert Tsai (Coop and Cami Ask The Fred, Trophy Wife) voices Peng. There are some other surprising voice actors in this film, the most surprising is Eddie Izzard voicing the character of Burnish, the man who wants the Yeti all for himself.

Abominable comes out in theaters on September 27th and will end up being one of the best animated films this season. Let’s dive in and explore the reasons why.

Music That Will Bring You to Tears

As I mentioned earlier, Yi is still dealing with the passing of her father. Though the movie does not go into how or why he died, it’s clear that Yi has some complicated feelings around losing her father. One thing that connects them is the violin. She gives her mother the impression that she is no longer interested in playing, however she sneaks up to the rooftop of their apartment every night to play. It’s also good to note that she keeps a picture of her and her father inside the violin case.

There are quite a few moments in this movie where the music is enough to bring you to tears. From the appropriately timed playing of “Fix You” by Coldplay to Yi’s beautiful violin playing, you may find yourself looking for a tissue to dab away your tears.

The soundtrack is available to download wherever you get your music at. While it’s nice to listen to before you go see the movie, it’s an essential experience to listen to this as the movie plays. It’s simply phenomenal.

The Breathtakingly Beautiful Animation

There was something so calming about this film. While the music is beautiful to listen to, the scenery is just as stunning to watch. To return Everest back to his home, she must travel through China to get there. I don’t want to give away much, but I do want to let it be known that you gotta be there to see it for yourself. This isn’t a movie to wait for the DVD release. You’ll want to get the full effect of these amazing and breathtaking landscapes. Even the opening scenes of the city are as detailed and gorgeous as San Fransokyo in Big Hero 6.

‘Abominable’ Has a Cast of Heartwarming Characters

You’ll cry at the beauty of this movie, but you’ll also laugh. Each of these characters has something to offer in this movie and you will be crying one moment, and full-on belly laughing the next.

Yi is a complex character with a lot of depth. She explores some moments of vulnerability in this film that are really touching. While it seems in the beginning that Jin is just a vapid high schooler who wants to look good in white when he becomes a doctor, there are some really sweet moments between him and Yi that really strengthen their bond as a family.

And then there’s Peng. Almost a human version of Everest, Peng is a silly boy with a love for basketball. He often has many moments in the film that will make you smile.

Jin is a typical self-obsessed, selfie-taking teen who is in love with his new shoes. I would say he goes through quite the evolution in this movie, as he goes from not wanting to get his shoes dirty, to wanting to do absolutely anything to keep Yi and Peng safe.

Someone you don’t see in Abominable as much but is a notable character is Yi’s grandmother, Nai Nai. Whether she’s making pork buns or aggressively asking Yi where she has been this whole time, she’s a pretty funny character. I’d say she’s a pretty cool grandmother too

There’s a fun plot twist between the zoologist Dr. Zara and wealthy man Burnish that I won’t spill here. But keep an eye out for those two. Dr. Zara dones a curly red ponytail while Burnish is a grumpy older man with a cane. You think you know what’s going to happen with these two characters, think again!

The most notable character in this film is Everest, a lovable, magical Yeti. We first meet Everest as he makes an escape from a science lab. But throughout the movie, it’s clear that Everest is still too young to know the extent of his powers. It’s enjoyable to watch him interact and bond with Yi over the course of the movie. And anytime he and Peng get together, it will put a smile on your face.

Whooping Snakes

I’m always ready for a “Whoop, There It Is” joke. Blame it on the immaturity. so these snakes get their own spot on the list of great things Abominable accomplished.

Home and Family Theme

There are some really touchy, but not overly cheesy, messages about family and the importance of having your own home is throughout Abominable. From family differences, to loss, to working through problems together, it really is a very sweet movie to watch. I really enjoyed that through all of the humor, the amazing music, and the awesome scenery, that it was all able to come back full circle to this theme. Kudos to the writers for doing this

I highly recommend Abominable to anyone reading this. Have you seen Abominable? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you thought.

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