Fruits Basket 2019 Episode List

List of all revealed episodes of the 2019 Reboot of Fruits Basket.

Episode 1

Debuted March 16th, 2019

English Title: I’m Going

Japanese Title: Ittekimasu

Kanji: 行ってきます

Tohru Honda is living in a tent after loosening her mom and her grandfather’s house starting renovations. A surprise landslide and a fortunate meeting has her taken in by the Sohma family. Classmate Yuki, his cousin Kyo, and Their guardian Shigure seem to be more than meets the eye.

Episode 2

Debuted March 16th, 2019

English Title: They’re All Animals!

Japanese Title: Minasan ga dōbutsuna ndesu!

Kanji: みなさんが動物なんです!

Shocked by the discovery her new friends turned into animals Tohru panics. When classmates Yuki and Kyo transform back the Sohmas reveal the details of the zodiac curse.

Episode 3

Debuted April 19th, 2019

English Title: Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man!

Japanese Title: Daihinmin o yarimashou!

Kanji: 大貧民をやりましょう

Kyo begins to adjust to school life and starts to attract the attention of his classmates.  This causes Yuki to open up about his insecurities to Tohru. The school is preparing for its annual festival with the help of the Sohmas.

Episode 4

Debuted April 26th, 2019

English Title: What Year is She?

Japanese Title: Nanidoshi no katana nodesu ka?

Kanji: なにどしの方なのですか?

Kagura Sohma another member of the zodiac shows up at Shigure’s front door. Tohru soon learns that Kagura has been in love with Kyo since they were children and will stop at nothing to make him love her.

Episode 5

 Debuted May 3rd, 2019

English Title: I’ve Been Fooling Myself

Japanese Title: Kanchigai o shite imashita

Kanji: 勘違いをしていました

Tohru revives a call while at school letting her know that her grandpa has finished reservations. Tohru hesitantly moves back in, but soon finds that her new family isn’t going to be as welcoming as the Sohmas where.

Episode 6

Debuted May 10th, 2019

English Title: Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over

Japanese Title: Oshama sa sete moraou kashira

Kanji: お邪魔させてもらおうかしら

The school festival begins and two more members of the zodiac appear Momiji and Hatori. Concerned about Tohru’s current living situation her best friends Arisa and Saki invite themselves over to the Sohmas house.

Episode 7

 Debuted May 17th, 2019

English Title: Spring Comes

Japanese Title: Haru ni narimasu ne

Kanji: 春になりますね

Curious and worried about Tohru Hatori tells her to go alone to the Sohmas main state. He tells her of the darkness associated with the curse and reminisces about the girl he once loved. Momiji appears to explain Hatori’s cold nature to Tohru.

Episode 8

Debuted May 24th, 2019

English Title: See You When You Get Back

Japanese Title: Itterasshai

Kanji: 行ってらっしゃい

It’s New Year’s Eve and the members of the zodiac are invited to a banquet at the main house. Worried that Tohru is going to feel lonely Kyo and Yuki debate about attending the family tradition.

Episode 9

 Debuted May 31st, 2019

English Title: Yuki Was My First Love

Japanese Title: Yuki wa ore no hatsukoi dakara

Kanji: 由希は俺の初恋だから

Yuki and Kyo are competing in school run when another zodiac member intervenes. Hatori Sohma is a hot head the admires Yuki and looks to fight Kyo. Things are complicated by Yuki becoming sick.

Episode 10

Debuted June 7th, 2019

English Title: It’s Valentines After All

Japanese Title: Datte, Barentainda mon

Kanji: だって、バレンタインだもん

Valentine’s Day means that Yuki is showered with affection and Kagura wants Kyos attention. Persuaded by Shigure Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, and Kagura end up going on a double date together for the holiday.

Episode 11

 Debuted June 14th, 2019

English Title: This is a Wonderful Inn

Japanese Title:


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