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Aggretsuko Season One Review

Aggretsuko is a  comedy show featuring the Sanrio character Retsuko, a red panda who is a normal everyday office worker. The show was made by streaming’s service Netflix and premiered in April of 2018. Aggretsuko is drawn in the classic anime style. Each episode is only 15 minutes long with each season featuring ten episodes. Aggretsuko was a success and has now received a second season, it’s own Pop line, and merchandise sold by dozens of retailers.

Story Overview

Aggretsuko follows the life of Retsuko, a female red panda who has moved out on her own and got a job as an office worker. She quickly learns that living on her own isn’t as easy as she originally thought. Her jobs stressful and her boss piles extra work on her. She has no love life to speak of, and her social life isn’t going that great either. Retsuko soon finds herself loosing her composure and looks for an outlet to release her stress through. This outlet turns out to be metal music.

Whenever Retsuko feels angry, she goes into a rage mode where she performs a ballad about her life in none other than true metal vocals. As the story progressives, Retsuko meets friends that teach her more about letting things out. She also deals with her plan to get married and leave the office lifestyle. Every episode continues an ongoing story of the red panda progressing as a person.

Character Interactions

The main driving force of this show is the interaction between the characters. Every character has a clearly established connection to one another that challenges Retsuko to look at her life from different perspectives. Fennel and Haida are Retsukos two closet co-workers that often provide solid advice. Haida has a crush on Retsuko but is too shy to tell her causing him to get upset when she talks of potential love interests.

Gori and Washimi are two other ladies who work in Retsukos company. They always appear put together making Retsuko wish to learn there ways. Later on the group of girls become friends with Retsuko and prove to her that they have their own struggles to deal with and no one can be completely put together 100% of the time.

Animation and Sound

Retsuko’s appearance along with the rest of the cast is inspired by the classic Sanrio art style they use with Hello Kitty.  Everything is drawn to look cute no matter how menacing the character is supposed to be. Even the office boss Director Ton is drawn with rounded sides and cute features. The animation style itself is also very cartoonish with the characters having expressive features appear like blush marks to show their moods.

The voice acting for the dub and the sub is well done. Both are easy to listen to, although many people seem to like one over the other. The metal used to help express Retsuko and the vocals are spot on. If your a metal fan the show will leave you wanting a full album.

Should You Buy It?

Aggretsuko is a fun ride that I encourage lovers of comedy anime to stream. It’s a little bit harder to recommend buying since the comedy doesn’t stick for a second watch through. If your going to put money down on supporting the series then buying merchandise might be one of the best ways to enjoyably spend your money.

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