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5 Reasons Why You Should watch ‘See You Yesterday’ (Spoiler Free)

From the same mind that directed hit movies such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and She’s Gotta Have it we now have a sci-fi drama called See You Yesterday.

Scrolling through Netflix and nothing sounds good? Well, Spike Lee has produced a new movie on Netflix that you need to queue up now. From the same mind that directed hit movies such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and She’s Gotta Have it we now have a sci-fi drama called See You Yesterday.

See You Yesterday is a film that you will be talking about for years to come. It is about two best friends, Claudette “CJ” Walker and Sebastian Thomas who build a time machine. What starts out as just a fun adventure ends up as a desperate attempt to go back in time and save the life of CJ’s, brother.

If you’re on the fence of whether this film is for you, here’s 5 reasons why you should have already seen See You Yesterday at least 6 times by now.

1. The Actors Are Incredible, You Would Think They Actually Came From the Future

You ever see acting skills so good, that there’s no way those actors are from this time period? I’m joking, time travel isn’t real (probably???) but these actors skills are definitely out of this world.

The cast of See you Yesterday

The best friend duo that builds the time machine is CJ and Sebastian. CJ is played by Eden Duncan-Smith and Sebastian is played by Dante Crichlow. Both are fairly new actors and I imagine you will be seeing A LOT more of them in the future.

The same can be said for the rest of the cast. Even Brett G. Smith who plays Officer Bryce does his role very well. Heck, almost a little too well. XD

2. The Main characters Are Relatable!

They are certainly not the first, but CJ and Sebastion are just two in a handful of black nerdy characters you can see on any screen. In fact, I would argue that black, female, nerdy characters are pretty scarce. And if they do appear, they are usually in the background of a fairly non-black cast.

CJ and Sebastian in See You Yesterday

The fact that CJ is not only nerdy but also nerdy in an all-black neighborhood definitely had me and many others, saying, “Damn that’s me”

The way that CJ spoke and carried herself made her stand out as “different” but there were many moments where her two worlds collided. I thought this was done in an excellent way. She had intelligence but she also had real, raw emotions that her intelligence couldn’t shield her from.

Also, where can I get that NASA shirt because it is udder cuteness.

3. Unapologetically and Authentically Black

For non-black viewers, I still feel like this is still extremely important to see. You will still fall in love with the characters and the story, as I feel the writers did an amazing job.

Spike Lee, Spikelee, See you yesterday, Netlix

I’m not saying that this is every single black person’s experience in America, so please do not ask your friends if they have a corner store. However, I do feel that this movie is relatable on so many levels and you can tell they weren’t trying to push for blackness. As a black person, you can find yourself in at least one aspect of this movie.

While this is a very emotional and heavy movie, there were moments that made me chuckle with nostalgia. Small moments of the church service, the interactions with different adults. The store, my God the STORE, all made me light up with joy.

There’s a part at the beginning that involves a cell phone where I literally screamed “I know THAT’S right” because it definitely hit me in a familiar place.

There’s an overall message in this movie but the small nuances of day to day life? It nails it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Spike Lee.

4. Not a Cash Trauma Film, But You Will Cry

Some films have a hard time achieving this, but this does NOT feel like an exploitation film on black pain. And this is my strongest reason why you should see it.

I didn’t feel like the events or tragedies were added as shock value for ratings.  Like in other films that may portray people of color, splattered in blood, with not a character plot arc in sight.

Just for the villain to get their comeuppance at the end.

Films like that are shocking, they will get people talking, and they will get reviews. But the body count, the blood, it still lingers with those of us who are seeing these characters who look like us being carelessly slaughtered for entertainment value.

I didn’t feel this was the case for See You Yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, you will STILL cry and you will still feel broken because it dealt with some heavy, heavy stuff but it was coming from a place of understanding, a need to show how current circumstances often play out.

It’s to say “I hear you, I’m with you”

While it’s emotional and frustrating to see certain events played out, it gave me a level of validation to say “these things DO happen. To real people. And it needs to end.”

5. Sci-Fi and The Realities Of Today Mixed Together Perfectly

Sci-Fi. Being a teenager. Being a black nerd. Police brutality. Somehow mixing all of these things together was not too much. It did not feel as if these stories were thrown together, but rather crafted beautifully as one. A lot of directors and screenwriters cannot accomplish this, but all of the plot points were necessary, relevant to the overall storyline, and flowed together well. Fredrica Bailey and Stefon Bristol were both writers on this, so I’ve got to give them the biggest shout-out ever. You guys are brilliant. When’s your next movie coming out? I’m traveling to the future to make sure I have tickets!

See you Yesterday, Black Girl, Black Boy, Black Kid, Spike Lee movie, Netflix

Conclusion, You Needed To See This Movie Yesterday

Well, what are you waiting for? Head out and watch See You Yesterday on Netflix now. Then come back here and drop a comment and let me know what you think. Or if you’ve seen it already, drop a comment and let me know if you think this review is spot on!

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